Ronnie’s Story - headache, stomach-ache, back-ache and a big bean!

Before I took Ronnie to Vicki’s clinic, I had given up hope on us. I don’t know what I would have done with Ronnie had I not gone. I’m just so happy to have my dream horse back. For that I cannot thank Vicki enough.

I purchased Ronnie over two years ago.  A lovely 15-year-old 15.3 station-bred gelding. He was my dream horse. We went on farm rides, river rides, road rides, low level jumping…we were having a blast.  Then about a year ago we started having a few issues, he became spooky and sensitive and very herd bound.  I was thrown off while mounting him on more than one occasion in rodeo bronc style.  Floating was another issue, sometimes he would self-load and others time he would refuse to get on the float.  

I had bodywork done, saddle fitted and replaced, and a vet look over him.  His teeth were up to date, I tried moving grazing, different hay, and many different supplements.  But his behaviour continued much the same.  I reached a point where I had become so overwhelmed and discouraged and I had lost all my confidence with him.  I decided the only option was to sell him.  Not surprisingly I had very little interest, as I was honest about his issues.

A friend suggested I take Ronnie to Vicki’s sore horse clinic.  As soon as Vicki started touching him, she began diagnosing his issues, from head to toe, finding issues that had been missed by others.

It seems one of Ronnie’s bad floating attempts had resulted in a crack in his skull.  It was still giving off heat and must have been causing him some terrible headaches.  Vicki recommended using NPC liniment to draw the heat out, and a calming titanium hood when floating.  Next was him stomach.  Vicki suggested that ulcers could be a likely cause of Ronnie’s behaviour and suggested a course of ulcer treatment.  Then his back and ribs.  Having injured, perhaps broken them at some point, his saddle was causing pressure and pushing down causing muscle wastage.  Again, a simple solution of muscle massage with liniment.  Vicki went above and beyond lending me a better fitting saddle until I could find a replacement.  She then managed to extract a massive bean from the poor fella, which must have been causing discomfort.

I took Ronnie home and followed Vicki’s advice and within a week I had a different horse.  He was no longer sensitive and anxious.  After two weeks I mustered up the courage and I started riding Ronnie again.  I’m not ashamed to admit I was still anxious; I’d had some big blows to my confidence.  But he was so laidback and happy. I could put leg on without fear of him exploding!  I rode him at home to start with and he couldn’t have been more chilled out. His first outing was back to Vicki’s property with a little ride to the river and I even managed to get him in for a swim! We had a play on the obstacle course, and he was foot perfect. Since then we have been going from strength to strength. We have been on farm rides, working equitation and getting back into jumping. I’m working on building my confidence with him riding bareback and even in a halter and lead.

Before I took Ronnie to Vicki’s clinic, I had given up hope on us.  I don’t know what I would have done with Ronnie had I not gone.  I’m just so happy to have my dream horse back.  For that I cannot thank Vicki enough.



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