Breeding for success

The well-established Vicki Wilson equine breeding program is a real passion for Vicki. She knows all the best traits of her own horses and strives to see those passed on to the next generations. The program has a huge role to play in providing horses for Vicki’s team.

Breeding selects genetic traits from proven bloodlines to produce competition show jumping horses with the physical and mental attributes needed to compete at the highest levels, including scope (the ability to jump both height and width successfully), rideabilty, technique, performance, expression, heart and movement.

Horses for Sale

The Vicki Wilson breeding program is ongoing, with beautiful foals being added regularly. If you’re interested, be sure to check back for updated listings, or feel free to get in touch with any queries.
Vicki often has horses for sale from her breeding program. Get in touch to find out more or check here to see horses for sale listings.


Our top of the line stallions are available to stud so that you can breed your own top performing horses. These stallions have been selected by Vicki to ensure quality and successful breeding prospects.


Our premium broodmares develop top performing horses in all areas of equestrian. Vicki has hand-picked these horses based on her extensive breeding knowledge and experience, individual traits and Vicki's own personal experience with each horse.
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