Another win for Equisoft

The Equisoft Sensitive bit from Acavallo continues to gather fans. We tried out this Italian-designed bit in Europe and were so impressed with it we now use it on nearly all of our horses, we genuinely have a team of very responsive and happy mouths. It's perfect to try if your horse has a very sensitive mouth - the soft, plastic material and innovative shape produces some fantastic results, as this happy customer will confirm.

“I ordered this bit last week and thought you might like my view. It was our first ride today with the Equisoft bit. We own a (new to us) very gracious, sensitive 23-year-old Connemara Unicorn called Rosie. I bought her for my 12-year-old Downs Syndrome daughter. We noticed that every time we asked Rosie to stop she would do so willingly, but then immediately take the reins as if to ask for relief, and we suspected the bit action was bothering her. Of course, losing her reins was a very troublesome affair for my daughter too, who was miffed to have to retrieve said reins, line up the tape markers and then remember her hand position! So the bit changed today... and at the first ‘whoa’ the reins stayed put. Head didn't move and both rider and Unicorn seemed very pleased with themselves. The lesson proceeded along this positive track for a whole 45 minutes, which for both the horse and child is an extraordinarily long period! In summary, we all love it. Thanks Vicki – onwards and upwards now!”

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