Routine Maintenance – Sheath Cleaning

In the quest for wellness, even your gelding’s most delicate parts must be checked!

In this video we continue to work with little Rascal, eliminating issues as we go. It is important to go over every part of the horse that could be causing an issue - my saying is 'search for solutions, don't punish the symptoms'.

Cleaning the sheath of a gelding is very important as it can cause major issues; bucking, kicking out, disuniting (cross cantering), weak across topline, struggling to push from behind etc. Removing a ‘bean’ of the waxy substance called smegma can make the difference between a happy, relaxed horse and a horse that is blocking or stuck somewhere. The bean only needs to be as big as a pinhead to cause issues for a horse. We have also removed beans the size of golf balls.

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