Sensitive bit proves itself again

It’s great for starting young horses and even the fussiest horses work well with it.

The Equisoft bit continues to prove itself – this time at the Waitemata World Cup Show at Woodhill Sands outside Auckland. It was such a fantastic weekend for the Vicki Wilson Riding Team! We had many placings in a number of classes but the highlight was Showtym Cadet MVNZ and Olivia Newsom winning the World Cup Junior Rider Championship final. Showtym Cadet was ridden in a Equisoft bit. He loves it – and Olivia had all the control she needed to produce two superb clear rounds.

This bit is something I first encountered and trialled in Acavello, Italy, and I’m now importing it from there. It’s great for starting young horses and even the fussiest horses work well with it. It’s made of an innovative, anti-allergic plastic material instead of a heavy, cold metal or metal alloy. The bit has a one-piece design that prevents any potentially painful squeezing (the ‘nutcracker effect’) of jointed metal bits, and it’s specifically shaped mouthpiece ensures that pressure, both inside and around the corners of the mouth, is distributed evenly.

It enhances the horse’s confidence because of its quiet and comfortable positioning in the mouth. And the rider has gentle but very secure control of the horse due to the bit’s integrated, flexible steel cable reinforcement.

You all know I am a believer in producing happy horses that love their work, and I truly believe this bit is a breakthrough in horse ‘mouth happiness’. This sentiment is echoed in several comments I’ve received recently from recent Equisoft bit owners. “I tried Delta’s Equisoft bit on my big warmblood and he wasn’t strong in it at all. Even had brakes jumping. He is normally a bit sassy and tanky but it was like riding a different horse today,” said one rider.

I’m producing a short exclusive video to share with Equisoft bit owners showing how to attach the bit correctly, along with the various options you have when using it. For those who have purchased a bit already, I’ll make sure you get a link to the video. If you would like to order a bit head to our store. The bit costs NZ$97, plus postage.

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