Ever wondered why your horse is naughty?

Sore Horse Workshop at KYB Dressage, Maple IL, 2017

Last year I visited Kim and Yvonne Barteau at their wonderful barn in Maple Park IL, I spent several days treating a number of horses for them and their clients.


Every time I treat a sore horse I always think about how long has this horse had an issue, how long has it been trying to tell us it’s sore or uncomfortable, how long have we missed the signs on what it’s been trying to say to us and how can we fix or change something to make this a happier horse. I am convinced after years of treating sore horses, many of them my own competition horses, a horse does not wake up in the morning and decide to be naughty. Being sharp or reactive or naughty as we often say, is just it’s way of calling out for help.


When we stop and think about what we ask our horses to do, whether it be show jumping, dressage, reigning, cutting or simply trekking out on the farm or ranch it is no wonder they get sore from time to time, after all they are big powerful creatures moving at speed!


I am excited to be launching a series of Introductory Sore Horse and Bodywork Workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. In my workshop I try and share with you everything I have learnt over the years. My philosophy is very simple, I want to see every horse being a happy horse, so the more knowledge and education I can pass on at my workshops the better and I hope it will go a little way to achieving my dreams of having as many happy horses as possible.


If you are interested to find out more or find a clinic in your area click on this link https://www.vickiwilson.nz/equine-therapy I will soon be announcing my Australian workshop dates and locations as well as another workshop in New Zealand and several more in the USA.


Thank you Yvonne from KYB Dressage for putting this video together showcasing some of the sore horses I treated over the two days spent with her and her team at Maple Park.

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